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September 19, 2008
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Faye walked wearily down the empty street, snow lightly falling on her head. It was almost dark and she had been walking for at least six hours after getting off that train. Her feet were killing her and being alone in this big city at night was creeping her out.


Faye looked back at her backpack. A small tiger had his head poked out of the backpack and he was looking bored.

Faye sighed too. “I know Peanut, we’ll find someplace to stay for the night, then-”

The blonde teen stared blankly as a tall girl with brown hair up in a ponytail hair ran past her. She saw the girl had a backpack too and it had a small beagle looking out from inside it. Also, the girls clothes were burned and ripped and her feet were bare.

“What the…” Faye looked at Peanut. Peanut shrugged.

Faye walked over to where the teenager had come from. It was an alley. The teen walked into it, peering into the darkness. She waited, saw nothing, so she went in closer. At the end of the alley, there was a small room-like clearing thing. Faye gasped. There were two small robots there! They looked as though they were waiting… but for what?

Peanut gasped too. The blonde haired girl tried to move in closer, but she tripped, landing with a loud crash. She quickly got up as the robots all snapped their heads around to look at her. Faye quickly got up and ran

“Damn!” yelled one of the robots. “The older femmes gone!”

“I bet that blondy was the person the Autobots sent to get her out! Get her!”

Faye ran as fast as she could, hearing footsteps behind her. She ran out into the street.

Peanut made a loud cry., Faye thinking it meant the robots were getting closer. What Peanut was really trying to tell her was that the road was icy because of the cold and that there was a huge patch of ice ahead.


Faye slipped and slammed hard on her back, Peanut flying out of her backpack and skidding straight into the arms of one of the robots. Faye tried to get up, but one robot stepped on her chest to prevent it.

“So, the Autobots hired another femme to fight us, eh?”

Faye stared at him, confused. “What? Autobots? Femmes? What?”

Rumble smiled evilly at her. “Hey Frenzy, I bet she could show us where the Autobot base is.”

“Autobot… base? What are you people talking about?! I’ve never even seen an Autobot let alone know one!”

Peanut squealed in pain as Rumble squeezed him. “Tell us or the cat gets his brains sqeezed out!”

“I told you, I don’t know anything!”

Rumble sqeezed the tiger again. “I said, TELL US!”

“Jeez Rumble, are you deaf? She said she doesn’t know them! Which, she doesn’t.”

They all turned to see the teen with the torn clothes. She pulled out something that looked like a gun and shot the two robots with plazma bolts. Faye quickly caught Peanut and stood up.

“Who’re you?”

The teen held out a hand. “I’m Jacklynn Turner, but my friends call me Jackie or Jack.”

Faye shook her hand. “I’m Faye, and this is Peanut.” She held up her tiger.

Jackie pulled the beagle out of her backpack. “This is Ranay.” The beagle was only about 8 inches tall and looked like a normal beagle, except her forehead looked like it had aa white star.

Faye touched it. “Whoa, that’s cool. Why is your dog so small?”

Jackie smiled. “Oh, my cousin Alex mad eher that way so I could carry her easier. She put the star there because it’s her mark.”


Jackie laughed. “Let me explain…”


Faye and Peanut sat wrapped in a blanket and Jackie finished up. They had gone back to the teens apartment. Faye shook her head in amazment.

“No joke?”

“No joke.”

As the two girls talked, Peanut looked down and saw Ranay staring at him.

“What?” he asked in animal talk.

“Oh nothing, nothing…”

As the two teens talked, a knock came from the door. Jackie walked over, looked through the peephole, then squealed happily and opened the door.

“Sunny!” She screamed, glomping the teenager.

The boy kissed her forehead. “Jeez Jackie, it’s only been a month!” he joked.

Faye stared as another teen walked in. He looked over at Faye.

“Who’s this?”

Jackie looked. “That’s Faye and her tiger Peanut. She had the unpleasant surprise of meeting the cassettes.”

The teen winked at Faye. “Well, that’s just great ain’t it? C’mon, let’s go to the base, and you can come too.”

Faye picked up Peanut and her backpack and they all left. As they drove off, Faye looked at the two teenage boys.

“Who are you guys?”

“I’m Sunstreaker and this is Blaster.” The black and blonde haired teen said, pointing to each of them in turn. “We’re Autobots.”  
Yay! :dance: Tis my prettyful and awesometastic art trade with :iconpeppykitty: I decided to write about how Faye got to meet the Autobot peoples... Anyways, I hope you like it.

Jackie Ranay (C) ME!!!

Faye Peanut (C) :iconpeppykitty:

Transformers (C) Has/Tak
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