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Dani’s Journey
Chapter 1
Start of a Journey
Speaker: Dani

I ran downstairs to the living room, jumping over the back of the couch. My brothers were sitting next to each other, waiting for the contest on TV to start.

“Move over boys, your sister has arrived!”

My two brothers moved apart.

“Jeez, pushy much Dani?”

“Are you kidding Jake? She was born pushy!”

I pushed my brother, Hayden, over. “Shut up!”

He grinned hugely. “What can I say? I know how to get a rise out of you!”

Hayden was the second oldest at 15. He had messy green hair and eyes, a spitting image of our Mom. He tends to act tougher then he is. Plus, he, like a lot of our family, had taken up the art of participating in Pokemon contests. Right now though, he was taking a break and visiting us.

Jake looked about the same as Hayden, except he was nine, to be 10 tomorrow. That’s when he got to start his Pokemon journey. He was excited about it, and he had decided he was going to be the first to compete in the Pokemon league. And he knew exactly which starter Pokemon he wanted.

Here in Sinnoh, there were three Pokemon you could choose from when you turned 10 and started your Pokemon journey. One was Piplup, a small water Pokemon. Another was Chimchar, a fire Pokemon. The last was Turtwig, a grass type that my brother was determined to get.

Also, we have an older sister who’s 17. Her name in Maria and she too had long green hair and green eyes. She’s headstrong and determined and I hate it because I always get compared to her by others. She’s away right now though, continuing to hone her skills.

As for me, I’m the odd one out. I have short, dark purple hair and eyes. Apparently, I looked like my Dad, who had died. The sad part was, I didn’t remember him. My older siblings are always saying how great he was. Man, I wish I could have met him. But anyways, if you haven’t guessed, my name’s Dani. I’m also a ballerina, for my Mom wanted me to be, but it’s all good.

I also love ghost Pokemon and I tend to dress in dark colors so I look a little like them. The only really weird thing about me is that I’m 13 and I haven’t started my Pokemon journey yet. It just didn’t feel right to me, so I didn’t start.

We live right outside of Sandgem Town, and it’s pretty quiet out here. Suddenly though…

“Chime!” exclaimed our psychic Pokemon, scaring the living daylights out of all three of us. Chimecho tended to be a bit of a smart butt.

“Chime! Don’t do that!” yelled Jake. The Pokemon just smiled, pleased with itself, floating off.

My Mom walked into the room. “He never learns when to quit, does he?”

My Mom had to be the greatest person ever. She had long, long green hair and her green eyes always seemed to sparkle. She always loved to tell stories of her trainer days and still had a few of her Pokemon, like Chimecho. She also had her Blissy and Gardevoir.

I giggled. “You had better believe it Mom!”

She smiled. “Yes, I do. Now, are we going to watch the contest or not?”

The three of us looked at the TV, seeing the contest had already started.

“Oh, yeah, right.”


Later that night, I woke up as I heard my door open. For a minute, I was sure it was just my Mom checking on me, but then I heard a voice.

“Dani? Can I talk to you?”

I sat up, rubbing my eyes. “Sure thing Jake. What’s up kiddo? Can’t sleep?”

He nodded.

“Well then come here.”

He came over and got under my covers. I wrapped my arms around him.

“You nervous about tomorrow?”

He nodded. “Yeah. But that’s not all of it.”

“Well then what else?”

He looked up at me with his big green eyes. “When are you going to start your journey?”

I stared at him for a minute. The question had caught me off guard. “I don’t know. Soon.” I replied, looking away.

“Would you start tomorrow?”

I snapped my head back to look at him. “What?”

“I want you to start with me. Tomorrow on my birthday.”

“But tomorrow’s supposed to be your big day.”

“But I want it to be my day and your day.”

I sighed, thinking. Everything was silent. I could feel his eyes on me as I thought. After a few minutes, I turned to look at him.

“Sure kiddo, why not?”

Jake smiled so big, I thought he would get stuck like that. “Really Dani?! You would?!”

I nodded, smiling back. “Of course bro. Now come on, let’s get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a big day.”

We snuggled down beneath the covers, and I felt him move closer to me.

“Thanks Dani. You the best sister a guy could have.” He whispered.


The next morning, we went downstairs first thing to tell everyone the news. My Mom was so happy. I swear, if Hayden didn’t butt in, my Mom would have suffocated me with that hug.

“Well quick then, go upstairs and get dressed and pack! You both have a big day ahead!”

It felt weird I went into my room. I knew it would be the last time I saw it for a long time. I packed first, putting in the essentials: toothbrush, toothpaste, underwear, soap, brush, you get the point. I also added some winter stuff, for if I ever got around to Snowpoint City. I was amazed it all fit in my black backpack and didn’t feel to heavy either.

I got dressed then. I put on a pair of dark purple and black striped tights, then a black skirt over them. I put on my dark purple shirt with black around the top that had one strap over my left arm, like some sort of caveman outfit, leaving my right arm bare. My arms had on black and dark purple striped, baggy fingerless gloves that went up to just below my elbow. And to top it off, I put on my black high-tops and black bowler hat. I loved the way it gave me a mysterious look, for it hid my eyes in shadow.

I picked up my backpack, sliding down the stairs rail and landed on the floor, walking into the kitchen.

Hayden chuckled. “You look a little scary their sis. You want to scare the other trainers into losing before you’ve battled?”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh ha ha Hayden, I feel so loved.”

Jake smiled. “I can’t believe today’s the day!”

My Mom shook her head. “All of my kids, gone! This is going to be difficult.”

Hayden laughed. “I’m not leaving just yet Mom. You’ll still have me for a couple of days!”

“Oh Hayden! Isn’t she being tortured enough by us leaving?”

“Jeez Dani, be a jerk.”

“I don’t really need permission for something I’m already doing.”

This time it was my Mom’s turn to roll her eyes. “You kids won’t ever quit, will you?”

“Nope!” We chorused.

After breakfast, Jake and I got ready to leave. I hugged Mom tightly.

“I’m going to miss you Mom.”

“I’ll miss you too Dani.”

Then, when the goodbyes were done, we left. When we got to Sandgem Town, we walked to Professor Rowan’s lab. I was worried about what he would say when I told him I had decided to start. Would he say I couldn’t, that it was too late? Or maybe he wouldn’t have a Pokemon. But, I was worrying in vain.

When we got to the lab, Rowan greeted us. “Why hello Jake! Are you ready to start?”

My brother nodded vigorously. “Oh yes sir!”

Rowan chuckled. “Good!” Then he saw me. “Oh hello Dani! You come to see your brother off?”

I stared at my feet, shuffling nervously. “Um, well, not really Professor. Jake and I were talking last night, and he wanted me to start our journey on the same day.”

I looked up, expecting to see disapproval. Instead, Rowan was smiling.

“Why of course you can start! I’ve been waiting for this day for three years!”

I let out my breath, not realizing I had been holding it. Rowan led us inside. In the main front room, there was a small, playful looked turle Pokemon walking around. I saw Jake’s eyes light up. Rowan saw too.

“Well, I knew exactly which Pokemon you wanted Jake, so here is your Turtwig.”

Jake ran to it, bending down. The Turtwig nuzzled his face. “Turtwig!”

Jake hugged it. “Oh I love him!”

I giggled. “That’s good.”

Rowan chuckled too. “I’m mighty glad he does. Now Jake, would you mind waiting here while your sister and I go to get her a Pokemon.”

He nodded, still hugging the small grass Pokemon.

We walked to a room farther back. Rowan looked down at me. “I’m sorry to say that I have no normal starter ones for you, for they have all been taken. But, I do have a special one.”

He walked over to a shelf, picking up a Pokeball. He handed it to me. “Now I don’t want you to let it out just yet. Wait until you and your brother have split up, he tends to be a bit protective around other males, even me.”

I took the Pokeball, nodding. I was speechless. I, Dani, was getting a Pokemon that no one else had ever gotten. Well, I didn’t know that for sure, but you get the point.

When we went to leave, Rowan gave us each five Pokeballs and a Pokedex. Jake’s was green and mine was dark purple (or course). Then we left. That’s when the begging began.

“Can you please show me what it is? Or a least tell me what it is?”

“I told you Jake, the Professor said to wait and I don’t even know what it is. JEEZ sometimes you never listen.”

“Whatever. Come on, let’s go!” he said happily, starting off.

I looked at him, puzzled. “Uh, Jake? Why are you going that direction? That’s they way we just came from. You know from home, where we’re not going?”

A hurt look shown on his face. “Duh Dani, I was going home to show them my Pokemon!”

I smiled at him. Of course he would want to show Mom. He’d been waiting for this day since he was four.

“Okay, but I want to keep going.”

He shrugged. “No biggie. Maybe I’ll see you in Jubilife City.”

I nodded. “Yeah, maybe.”

We hugged, knowing that we probably wouldn’t see each other for a long time. Then, we walked off in different directions.

I was amazed how far I got without tiring. Maybe it was because I was so amazed by all the Pokemon that I saw, or I just didn’t care. When I finally did have to stop, darkness was closing in. I stretched, yawning.

“It’s night already?” I said to myself. “Wow, I totally lost track of time.”

I set up camp: my sleeping bag and a small fire. I also changed into my pajama’s, a black night gown with dark purple pants. I fixed myself some dinner, my stomach growling loudly the whole time. That’s what happenes when you skip lunch I guess.

As I was eating, I looked over at my Pokeball. Should I open it or just wait. I thought about how tired I was and decided I would wait till morning. I settled into my sleeping bag, falling into a deep sleep.
:D Yep, this is my new story. As you can tell, it's about a Pokemon trainer named Dani. And who is her Pokemon you ask? Well you're just going to have to wait. :evillaugh:

Next: [link]

Dani :pokeball:(C) Me! So if you steal, I will hurt joo! :chainsaw:

Pokemon and it's characters (C) Someone in Japan
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