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October 31, 2009
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"They say on Halloween night that a special show goes around. Nobody knows where exactly until Halloween day. You can see a huge space that was never there before and that's where it will be. They say if you see it, don't go outside that night. Don't let any child go out. Why? Because chances are, you'll never see them again."

I scoffed. "That stupid story has been going around for ages and is just used to cover up the fact some parents are to careless to take care of their kids right on Halloween and then have them get kidnapped."

Mrs. Ross, our English teacher, glared at me. "This is not a story to be taken lightly Hexadora!"

"You're just freaked because the supposed spot is here in town. Hex is right, that's just a dumb story to scare us." Put in Josset, the boy who sits in front of me.

Mrs. Ross was unimpressed. "Well I can see that the story was a waste of time. And further mo-"


The last bell rang and everyone scrambled to push through the door. No one wanted to stick around and hear the old broad moan and groan.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Halloween, but the whole "haunted circus" thing is just plain weird. Anyways, the name's Hex or Hexadora Lee Jones if you want my full name. My hair's black with dark blue ends and I have moon-gray eyes. But my biggest secret: I'm a witch.

Yeah I know, mumbo jumbo crazy talk from the weirdo 17 year old, but I kid you not. What? Did you think everyone was normal or something? And no, there are no pointy hats. Those people are wanna-be's.

Real witches have pointy teeth and somewhat pointed ears. We also each have a magic staff for really difficult or powerful spells. Other than that, we're usually pretty normal.

Everyone had heard the same old story about the haunted circus, but weather you believed it or not was a different story. Like the teacher said, apparently the circus kidnaps children and they are never to be seen again. But I didn't think it was true. Boy, how wrong I was.


I walked along the street toward the supposed "spot." It did look a bit odd, the ground was cleared of all grass and it was bare. Any prankster could have done it though.

As I got closer, I noticed a figure standing on the edge of the "spot" closest to the street. As I reached them, I noticed it was a tall woman with shoulder length black hair with a long, low cut black dress and clunky black boots. She had on sunglasses which was odd considering the sky was a dark gray with the cloud cover. She was leaning on a gold staff which was tipped with a point at the bottom and had a large, round red jewel on the top.

She heard me coming and looked in my direction. She smiled, showing rows of pointy teeth. I shivered. Was she a witch too?

"Ah, come to see the ground for the circus?" she asked in an old, Transylvanian accent.

I stared at her blankly. "You don't actually believe that crud, do you?"

She gave a small smile, which showed none of her teeth, much to my relief. "Ah, but it does exist my dear." She turned to the "spot" again. "Many do not believe the tale, but I assure it is true. The circus has been around for years, evolving and growing."

"Right." I rolled my eyes.

She smirked. "Come tonight and you shall see." She whispered, her voice layered with something I was sure I had heard before. Hypnosis.

I blinked, unable to keep the words in my mouth. "When do I come?"

She turned to me again and grabbed my hand. My palm began to burn and I winced.

"When your hand glows, you shall know." She used my hand to lever me just right so I whirled around in a few circles and fell. I looked up, about to tell her off, but she was gone.

I looked at my hand. In the middle of my palm, there was a circle with a skull inside. Around the edges read, Come to the Greatest Show Unearthed!


When I got home, I tried every single spell I could think of, but the mark would not come off. I growled. Stupid mark. Stupid witch woman. And stupid circus. I groaned and lay back on my bed. I had might as well go and see if that woman was really telling the truth. I grabbed my costume, which wasn't a costume at all. It was really traditional witch clothing. It was a short, light brown dress with long, hanging sleeves with a green-brown hood/scarf and knee heightened brown and silver boots. I put it on and then I waited.


It was around 9:30 when my hand started to glow. I looked down at it, puzzled. Did I really want to go? Should I go? If I did, I'd have to sneak out. My parents were believers and they didn't want me out. I shrugged. What the heck? I went over to my window.

"Damn..." I muttered. It was locked, probably with something magic resistant. I sighed. I'd have to go through the attic.

I walked as quietly up the creaky steps as I could. That took about ten minutes to prevent a squeaky give-away. Creeping slowly, I made my way to a small door in the wall. I was the only one in the house who knew about it. I opened it and slipped outside. Lowering myself onto the ladder that was built into the house, I crawled down.

I looked at my watch. It was 9:52 and it would take me another 30 minutes to get there. I sighed and ran off.


Around 10: 18, as I neared the "spot" I stopped and gasped. Over the buildings I could see the top of a large orange and black circus tent.

So the myth was true.

But it was no ordinary circus. There was no cheerful music or sounds of amusement. I heard screams. And I heard laughter, evil laughter. I ran ever closer, but by the time I got there, there was no tent. Just little blood spatters everywhere. And in the middle of it all, dressed as the ring master, was the woman from before.

I fell to my knees, taking it all in. What had happened here?

The ringmaster turned to me, smiling. I gasped. Her eyes were a burning purple with gold around the edges. She smiled that spine tingling smile and laughed madly.

"Sorry my dear, but the circus has gone." She smirked "Along with it's new recruits."

I stared at the ground, not wishing to look at her. But I looked up though when a strong wind went around. She was gone. There was not a soul nor a sound except for this:

Welcome to the lower birth,
The Greatest Show Unearthed!
We appear without a sound,
The darkest show around!
We will leave you in a daze,
Madness, murder, dismay!
We will disappear at night
With blood on the concrete...
Here's my sorry excuse for a horror story. XDDD Well I kinda suck at being scary or forbidding, so just go with it.

I got inspired by the song, but I hope this is okay.

And also, this shall not be the last of Hexadora and the ringmaster, Insanique! Acctually, Insanique is only evil in this story. In my other one, she's good. :D

Characters and story (C) Me!

Song- The Greatest Show Unearthed (C) Creature Feature
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